Birgit Kraus
was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany.
She started out studying various approaches to reduce the stressful ramifications of traumatic events for the past 20 years and enhanced her knowledge about mind/body/spirit healing by studying, practicing, experiencing and teaching varies forms of energy healing therapy.

Her path began by studying nutrition and how the change of her diet had an immense positive effect on her physical body. Through the practice and later teaching yoga and yoga philosophy, she experienced deeper levels of healing and became more interested in teachings in Energy Work, Quantum Physics, and in Conscious and Unconscious mind, which led her to study Neuro-Linguistic-Programming a therapeutic coaching modality.

She experienced herself how deeper healing of emotions were connected to different levels of healing the mind and body as well as on a spiritual level. That realization and experience caused her to become interested in
Reiki and Qigong, both ancient teachings that encompass the transformation and balancing of our energetic blueprints, inwardly and outwardly, systems that help us heal all forms of our existence – the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

She found her passion and purpose in sharing these teachings and assisting others on their healing path.