Permanent Classes

Healing Qigong for All

Sound, Meditation, and meditative Qigong movements.

Sundays 5 - 6:15pm

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Midday Meditation and Movement QI Break

Meditation and Qigong movements to balance and release during the day, to strengthen your immune system and clear your mind.


Wednesdays 12:00 - 1pm

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Healing Meditation


Fridays 12noon - 1:00pm

This is an online class through Zoom:

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Qi gong, Yoga, Tai Chi movements help keeping the energies in body / mind and around you in balance and harmony. Practicing these meditative movements are crucial in this time since modern technology has advanced so rapidly that our minds and bodies experiencing higher level of stressors and many more illnesses.

Classes on Wednesday and Sunday at The Marsh and at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community.