Energy Healing

The body reflects the state of the mind. Emotions based in energetic patterns can fester in the physical body.

Creating awareness and connecting to these emotions will enable you to heal on a deep level, changing and releasing unwanted behaviors and patterns using the tools of HNLP (Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Programming provides ways to understand how people do what they do, and how to upgrade what you do, when you would like to do better. Finding the root cause of the behavior will allow it to change.

My intention is to help you come into your own ability to understand the healing of Self by enhancing, balancing the flow of energy and stimulating major key points through appplying and combinging energetic principles of Qigong and Reiki.

Ancient teachings demonstrate that excess energy in the body will create imbalances and discomfort. In a healing session we will release stagnant or excessive energy in different health systems within the physical and mental body.

I will compassionately and intuitively guide you through your healing process.

Practicing Qigong will benefit your healing A conscious movement practice. Inside of you there is an aliveness that is all times accessible to you. The Chinese call this QI - the unseen, the palpable life energy that animates all life In this practice you will be learning various postures and flows to help you clear, cultivate and circulate Qi through your entire body.

These movements are not about precision and alignment but rather a sensing, a feeling of the Qi in the physical body and bringing positive affirmations will change the energy in mind and emotional field. Like water, Qi is a flowing energy it is not stagnant so as we practice we allow that natural intelligence of Qi inside the body to direct those movements.

Energy healing is a message healing practice, it unites the physical and mental and spiritual bodies to experience harmony, healing and balance. With set intentions we allow excess energy to be released, not just in the physical body but also in the subtle bodies that surround us.

If you feel during the practice the urge to move differently than the instructions, follow that spontaneous instinct without judgement or expectations, it can serve as an energetic release and often be felt as an instant healing experience.