Qigong and Spring Forest Qigong classes

Qi - Energy
Gong - work

Qigong is working and feeling, transforming the energy within and around, and is a message healing medicine.

Qigong works in the front and back channels, which are considered the two most important ones, and is an incredibly powerful, self healing exercise balancing all systems in the body.

We practice Qigong through in slow, conscious, simple movements and incorporate effective breathing techniques in connection with the focus of the mind.

Through visualizations we can transform energy and release waste and toxins from our physical and mental bodies, Qigong is working on all levels and its benefits have been now acknowledged by western medicine and science.

The movements are not about aligning the body but rather sensing and feeling the energetic flow of the subtler body and with everything else it takes practice to “slow down” and feel or sense the energetic field and flow.

In the heart of understanding Qigong lies the knowledge, that everything in the universe is energy just in different forms. The air is a form of energy, a tree is a form of energy, so is a star or a rock and every cell in the body is a form of energy and this energy we can work with and transform into positive, healing energy.

With practice you will raise your vibrational frequency and as a result experience the feeling of JOY - a happiness state - where we feel JOY without the knowing of why.

In Spring Forest Qigong classes we practice physical movements and postures in a standing position followed by a seated and guided meditation /visualization practice. In the class we will intent to connect to the universe and our heart center to bring the emotion and intention of unconditional love to practice.

Everyone can participate - you will feel the benefits - please join me.

There are many schools of thought on health and wellness and how to stay healthy.

Regardless of what exercise program you do, how your diet is, or what your health condition is, Spring Forest Qigong can be integrated into your lifestyle without any disruptions.

Level One teaches simple movements and meditations that are designed to help your body balance its energy and clear energy blockages. The focus is on yourself.

Level Two teaches simple techniques to heal and remove blockages that can be practiced on yourself or others. All Level Two techniques can be used on yourself. They can also be used on others to greater effect for your own health.

When learning how to heal and remove blockages, you draw upon the limitless power of unconditional love that is present everywhere. By doing so, whether you are focusing on helping yourself or on helping others, this helps improve your own health and energy flows.

The combination of Level One’s easy-to-learn, easy-to-do movements and meditations with Level Two’s simple techniques can jump start your journey to a new, healthier you.

In my classes we will explore Level one and level two movements, as well as the 5 elements healing movements.