“I have attended Birgit's classes, group healing sessions, and an individual healing session. Birgit is an intuitive and gentle healer who heals from her heart. I highly recommend her services. Her knowledge of various methods is outstanding. Anyone using her services will not be disappointed.”

- Ro W.

“Birgit Kraus has been my Qigong teacher and energy healer for 7 months. She continues to teach me more things about my health and my body, guiding me toward greater self awareness, self acceptance, and better health of mind, body and spirit. She is convincing, teaching by example and sharing her own journey openly as proof of all things she learns and teaches, motivating others’ to do the same.

Love Energy builds individually and collectively through her talents, gifts, and teaching. She shares the source of her Scientific knowledge and is generous with her Sources and Gifts. Always she brings the student inward to explore and learn about Self in a safe, nonjudgemental manner before directing us outward to healing other Beings and our planet, teaching the benefits of and Attitude of Gratitude while encouraging community building.”

- Beth Joy

“Currently I am experiencing reproductive imbalances and Birgit has been a wellspring of knowledge and compassion. Birgit has done a wonderful job of explaining energy medicine and giving me tools and techniques to practice after the healing session to continue to balance and strengthen my sensitive areas - so helpful!

During the healing session I felt incredibly safe and open. I could feel the movement of energy and release of energies that were no longer needed. I felt major relief in the area I was concerned. Birgit truly has a healing touch and intuitive processes that are divinely supported!

The biggest change was mindset. I came into her office feeling fearful to leaving her office feeling focused and empowered to improve my health - I can't begin to describe how imperative this is to recovery. Thank you Birgit for your guidance, healing touch and a renewed sense of faith!”

- Leah

“I feel I received great benefit from your healing, Birgit. Your new office space is lovely too. Thank you for your dedication to the work.”

- Krisitin

“Thank you for your special healing sessions. You are a light - to me and many others.”

- S

“The pain I felt when I came into Birgit’s healing space was completely gone after the session and I felt like I went through a deep transformational process that had deep effects on a physical and emotional level . Thank you so much”

- L

“I felt so much love pouring into my body that helped me to connect to a unconsciously deep and painful emotion. During the healing session, I felt safe to connect to the emotion and able to consciously feel an energetic release from my body and mind. A gift to the world, thank you in much appreciation”

- P.C.

“Just wanted to say thank you for the experience of the couples event you put on! It was so nice to have time for Jon and I to be able to attend to ourselves and our relationship. You have a lovely teaching style. I appreciated the 'in the moment' experience mixed with you sharing your knowledge. Especially, the energy clearing moves and how they align with certain organs and the stress releasing points. We both really appreciated the activities that connected us energetically :) It’s so easy to be overwhelmed and disconnected from the transition and sheer exhaustion of having a new baby. We are truly grateful for the experience!”

- Annette & Jon