qigong instructor
qigong instructor

“Humanness is the practice of consciousness”



Level IV Qigong Master Healer, Donna Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki Master, HNL Therapeutic Coach, Mother, Life Skill Coaching VortexHealing® basic level, To this date in Acupressure Therapist training

As you might know, Qigong is a 5,000-year-old set of technologies once reserved for Chinese royalty and shamans. For millennia it was taught to select students who were usually required to leave their homes to commit their entire lives to learning the powerful teachings. It was inaccessible to, and thought too advanced for the general public.

But times change. :-)

In the 20th Century, with cultural tarnsitions and new methods of travel and communication, the practices of Qigong became more available, more studied by science, and more well known in China. As new ways were found to share the potent wisdom of Qigong, it began to make its way to the Western world too.

My passion is to share and help to grow this ancient practice of Wisdom Healing. Qigong augments and exalts individual and collective healing, as well as the spiritual progress required for a better future.

The practice itself consists of active and passive parts like: